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Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever...
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 Jayson looking for a home

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Jayson looking for a home Empty
PostSubject: Jayson looking for a home   Jayson looking for a home EmptyWed Nov 30, 2011 10:32 pm

The male Jayson would look around the forest for the perfect place for a home. He wanted a place that was cut off from everywhere else, somewhere in the woods but with close access to the beach but not crossing the boarder. Not that he knew much about the boarder between the wolves and the vampires. Jayson walked around the woods for a while, after what seemed to be a long time he decided to give up on finding a house, he wondered how his sister had found her house.

It had been a while since Jayson had went to see his sister. The last time he went to visit her was when he first met her. She had kicked him out of the house for almost eating one of her friends, but he had changed a lot since then. He was now able to control his appetite for blood, and he only fed off of animals when he needed to. With Christmas coming up soon he thought it would be a good time to try visiting his sister again. Jayson continued to walk around a little more still searching for a good place to build a house, when he came upon some open land that didn't seem to be claimed by anyone. Being a new vampire he wasn't quite used to being able to move so quickly, but he got the base of his house set up, he didn't want to be out in the cold when it started snowing.
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Jayson looking for a home
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