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Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever...
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 " Melanie Lopez " APP.

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PostSubject: " Melanie Lopez " APP.   " Melanie Lopez " APP. EmptySun May 29, 2011 10:24 pm

* Melanie Agustina Lopez - Harper Lopez !
" Melanie Lopez " APP. Th_sdklhflskdhflksdh

" Melanie Lopez " APP. Zjccgj

full name: Melanie Ava Agustina Devina Lopez - Harper.
nicknames: Mel , Lanie , Ava. Dev.
date of birth: Jan 21, 1540
date of change: June 12 , 1560
hometown: Venice, Italy
species: Vampire.
ability's: Speed & Strength. Telepathy , Dementia , Others unknown yet.

" Melanie Lopez " APP. 5fm51z

height: 5'4
weight: 110.
hair: Long curly Dark brown.
eyes: Hazel / Green.
general appearance: Melanie is Slim & Athletic, Her form is model like, and almost goddess looking. Her eyes are cat like, changing colors to her mood, but her main colors are Hazel & Green.
play by:
Kate Beckinsale.

" Melanie Lopez " APP. 21a029j

likes: Fighting, Reading, Writing, Working on her car, Classic movies.
dislikes: Melanie doesn't really have any Dislikes.
strengths: Knowing things, Be able to fight off enemies, being loved.
weaknesses: People knowing her secrets, people talking about her family, her past.
habits/quirks: Twirling her hair when nervous, biting her lip.
fears: Dying and being unloved.
secrets: Her darkest secrets will be told very soon.
personality: Melanie is a quiet type, but when she's around her friends she can be loud and bubbly, but when she get's mad or upset, she shuts everyone out. she has many personalities that can fool people when she needs it the most.

" Melanie Lopez " APP. 33cly03

mother: Dahila Montago - Lopez.
father: Oliver Harper.
siblings: ( Deceased ) Blake Harper, ( Deceased ) Anastasia Harper.
other family: Leah Harper - Ikonoka, Lake Tobaz.
other important people: (Deceased ) Boyfriend : Nik Kale.
Melanie never liked talking about her past, she lived in Italy most her life with her family until they we're run out by Slayers when her mother finally changed Melanie. Her parents and twin siblings were all killed before Melanie found her cousins, Leah and Lake in the small town in washington. Melanie brought her Boyfriend Nik with her until he travled back to Italy to be killed by the same Slayers that ran them away from their home. Melanie wants a new start, new friends, and a new lover. Will she make nice, or will her enemies be lying around this small town?

" Melanie Lopez " APP. R94l06

your name: Ashley Spivey !
experience: Three years Meebo. Forums Two years.
who you play: Leah Clearwater , AKA Leah Takai . OR Alena Takai , Etc.
how to contact you: Facebook, Cell. Meebo. : LeahClearwater11
have you read the rules: Yes.
code word: **********
role play sample:
Melanie stood near the bay window in her cousins house, watching as the rain hit the window, racing down before hitting the window pane. Leah stood in the doorway from the kitchen to the living area, " I got a letter from the school, You start monday. " Melanie rolled her eyes at her, " Why must i start? " Leah folded her arms as a timer went off in the kitchen, " Because, people know you have arrived, and think you're only 17 , Which means, you have to go to school, everyday, all day, " She called from the kitchen. Melanie didn't like being around people she never knew, but after hearing about this "Cullen" Family, she wanted to see what they were actually about. She twisted her hair around her finger as the rain hit the window harder now, she pulled her sweater tighter around her as monday would come faster than she wanted it to come.

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" Melanie Lopez " APP. Empty
PostSubject: Re: " Melanie Lopez " APP.   " Melanie Lopez " APP. EmptySun May 29, 2011 11:23 pm

Looks good to me<3

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" Melanie Lopez " APP.
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