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Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever...
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*Sami Jay Luna*
Sami Jay Luna  11429992_gal

full name: Sami Jay Luna
nicknames: Sami J, prefers Sj
date of birth: 31 October 1865
hometown: Norway
species: Werewolf
ability's: None

height: 5'8
weight: 100 lbs.
hair: brown and blond
eyes: Change colors
general appearance: Shorts with a red tank top and hoodie over it.
play by: Dakota fanning

likes: animals, nature, writing, watching guys, and going to the beach
dislikes: doctors, hospitals, needle, dentists and most things that have to do with sharp things.
strengths: hiding, spying on people, making friends
weaknesses: silver, loud noises, hates going into dark places
habits/quirks: often like changing names enjoys pain
fears: dying alone, being hunted (while in wolf form)
secrets: is pregnant and her family doesn't know that she's bi
personality: Almost always in a good mood and hyper. Just don’t get on her bad side.

mother: Verity Scicl Luna
father: Colton Vic Luna
siblings: Taigen
other family: None
other important people: Colin and Joshy
history: Sami J lived with her parents until they had disowned her, when they learned that she was pregnant. The first time she phased was when she was 14. She didn’t know about the world of werewolves and vampires until then. After getting disowned her brother Taigen who is 4 years older took her in along with his fiance.

your name: Sami
experience: about 1 year
who you play: Lavi Solstice
how to contact you: message
have you read the rules: yes
role play sample: The small female was unfamiliar to her surroundings. Sami J wandered into the forest curious. There were lots of different smells it was a little overwhelming for her. She turned her head towards the north, the wind picked up a little. She caught a new scent. . . Vampire.
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Sami Jay Luna
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