A Lasting Love
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Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever...
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Love. Friendship. Hero.
Isabella Swan; the object of affections of many. Edward Cullen - the vampire. Jacob Black - the werewolf. Mike Newton - the player. The list goes on and on. Bella has everyone convinced, even herself, that Edward is the one she loves. But Jacob is still a valuable contender. Mike? Well, he doesn't count. Bella has somehow gotten herself mixed in with the supernatural. She doesn't fit in anywhere else; so why not?
Edward rescued her from James; a tracker vampire and he saved her from Victoria. The volturi won't be checking in on them from a while, so Edward has a chance at protecting her from them. But the one thing that Edward can't save Bella from? The one person he can't take her away from? Jacob Black. The childhood best friend of Bella, and now potential lover. His heart belongs to her, whether she wants it or not. Jacob has made it very clear that he will do whatever it takes to win her affections.

Fight. Decision. Hate.
Isabella Swan - the unlucky girl who has to choose. Edward Cullen - the boyfriend who justs wants her to be happy, no matter how much it hurts. Jacob Black - the best friend who will fight for her love until her last dying breath, or get his heart broken trying. Edward and Jacob hate each other, but Bella loves them both. Can she bring herself to hurt either one of them? She can't drag this out forever, but she will as long as she can.

The Long Road Ahead.
For once, no immediate danger stands in Bella's life. With nothing to protect her from, All Edward and Jacob have to fight over is Bella's love. Will all of this fighting drive her away from both of them or closer to one? No matter how the story goes, someone will get hurt in the end.

How do you fit into the story? How will your life fill the pages of the future? Every mistake you make, every decision you have to face shapes the lives of others around you. They might not know it, and you might not know it, but it's true. So be careful what you wish for and make sure you are one-hundred percent positive in everything you do, or you might find yourself being a villain in someone's story book.
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Main Plot
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